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  • Daniel

    Mar 23/21 at 8:18 pm

    Mar 23 Log

    Did Quintin’s class today. We looked through deflections. Last times aha moment was the crossline step for thrusting. Today’s aha moment was getting to a double cut fendente via lifting the sword from Donna over the head pushing the pommel away from my face then cutting down from and extended finestra with false followed by a true. We explored all the cuts and their relationship to moving the pommel. How they all start from the same place and can go to the six cuts. Great class and lots of learning.

    I have also started doing some heavy fighting training. I started setting up to put on my armor again, threw on the helmet again, got the feel of it all. I created a practice session for myself using the Seconds app (same app I use for all my training sessions. I am also trying to use Italian sword language to describe the various attacks (mostly mezzani, both false and true edge). Its a cool exercise and allows me to connect it to what I have been studying in the Masterclass.

    Looking forward to more training tomorrow hopefully during the day but this week if feeling pretty good so far.