Swordplay Masterclass

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What do others say about the Masterclass?

Margaret R

I would recommend this course to anyone with a real interest in sword play that is up for the challenge. It is definitely intense but highly worth it. I learned a lot about myself, how to care for myself and be both a good learner and partner. I met so many cool people and feel that there was genuine support despite the fact that I came in with zero experience. I fully intend to take the course again next year, and in truth I’m already hooked.

Michael F

This course covers a LOT of material, and makes you realise there’s so much farther to go on the path toward mastery; but the beauty is that you can see the structure of the system, and the instructional tools are things you can take away in order to teach yourself and others.

Mike F

When I heard about HEMA, I really wanted to get into it but didn’t know where to start. There are no schools/clubs anywhere near me, and I don’t speak Italian or German, so unless there’s a manuscript in English or Spanish I couldn’t go to the original sources. And there are tons of resources online, but you can tell they’re written by (and for) people who already know what they’re talking about. But then I found Duello, and I’ve been loving it! I’m currently going through one of their “sidesword” courses (which btw includes sword & buckler) and it has been awesome! I still have a lot to learn, but now I have a great way to learning it well. I’m hooked!

Steve F

This an excellent deep dive into a practice of the longsword. Whether you’re new to swordsmanship, an experienced martial artist looking to pick up a new proficiency or just want to pursue a physical historical topic that can be acquired academically and athletically this MasterClass will serve you well. There is truly something for every level of interest in this course. The pacing is challenging and engaging at the same time, and with a flexible timeframe that encourages the practitioner to advance at a reasonable, self-driven pace. The masterclass teaches not only how to use this particular historical weapon, but how to create a path toward excellence that can be applied to any endeavor. These weeks have been time and money well spent!

Eric W

Devon Boorman does not simply teach you a martial art but also HOW he teaches a martial art. It is in this way he stands above the rest and brings an immeasurable value to the Intensive course that will enrich and renew one’s appreciation for this noble martial practice for a life time. In the simplest form, He is teaching people HOW to fish.

Milan Č

I am very pleased with your online lessons, they are very good and structured, at least from my view point ! I train from Nicoletto Giganti manual the focus is on basics and I like that ! Thank you very much for your effort!

Ian M

I have been involved in martial arts for 36 years and this is the best class I have ever been immersed in. Bar none! The volume of information, outstanding presentation skills, engagement with the practitioners, and ease of access to the library of coaching films, as well as the evaluation/ progress process and group forums, make it an all encompassing experience. I highly recommend it.

Jeremy O

It was wonderful be able to steal knowledge from someone with many years of experience. It made clear many things that didn’t make sense just from text.