Swordplay Masterclass

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What do others say about the Masterclass?

Alex L

It will become quite clear in just the first hour of how knowledgeable, professional and methodical Devon and the Academie Duello Team is. The sheer amount of knowledge and information is impressive but what is even more impressive is the quality, fluidity and inter-connectivity of their teaching system is and how it is delivered.

Stela M

In the Swordplay Masterclass I learned to learn martial arts in a way that is more meaningful to me. I learned how to be an apprentice of something ancient through modern days’ tools, while absolutely respecting the rooted values and contexts of the art. I learned things to do, to look at, to feel and to think about to be a seeker of mastery. For me, what I learned is worth many times more than what I paid to enroll in these classes.

Thomas B

DuelloTV has been essential for my development as a practitioner and has keep me on pace to reach my goals of mastery.

Mike F

When I heard about HEMA, I really wanted to get into it but didn’t know where to start. There are no schools/clubs anywhere near me, and I don’t speak Italian or German, so unless there’s a manuscript in English or Spanish I couldn’t go to the original sources. And there are tons of resources online, but you can tell they’re written by (and for) people who already know what they’re talking about. But then I found Duello, and I’ve been loving it! I’m currently going through one of their “sidesword” courses (which btw includes sword & buckler) and it has been awesome! I still have a lot to learn, but now I have a great way to learning it well. I’m hooked!

Jade S

I signed up because I’m so novice in the art that I felt like I didn’t have the tools to train alone. Being a novice, it did seem intimidating to be joining a mastery-oriented community – but having completed the program, I can’t even imagine a past version of myself not taking that step into the unknown. I’m now immersed in swordplay, I have access to a community that I feel comfortable within, despite being an enormously reticent person, and I have a rich training plan that includes multiple options and directions – forms, partner work, historical source study, recapping the basics… I’ve acquired a solid grounding in the verbal, physical and mental vocabulary of swordplay, and I also know where to turn for continuing guidance.

Ivan P

Every journey starts with putting one’s feet on the path. This class helped me find the path, chart out what my journey would be. We had excellent guides for the swordplay journey as well as most excellent companions.

Elia K

Sometimes finding understanding in the martial arts is like trying to drink by catching raindrops. This is like drinking from a fire hose; the sheer depth of insight into every aspect of the martial art is staggering to experience. If I retain one tenth of the “Eureka!” moments I had in this intensive, I’ll count myself ten times more understanding of the art than before.

Tracey N

At 54 I thought I might have trouble completing and was pleasantly surprised to find my edge. The experienced instructor was able to help me keep going and complete this incredible course. This is by far the best experience I have had with many years of Rapier and plan to continue training so I may inspire more women to partake in their dream to fight with a sword.