Approaching Gioco Largo with Longsword

Strategies to confidently approach the opponent who holds their sword offline

Gioco Largo (“wide play”) refers to situations where the opponent’s weapon is withdrawn (or withdrawing) and presents the capacity to strike with a larger movement, often a cut. In this course you’ll learn how to approach an opponent who holds their sword back, attack their position, and find safe ways to continue the offense.

Stringere: You’ll first start by learning how to use posta longa to control and stringere (constrain) the center in such a way that your opponent is immediately struck if they seek to attack and thus are forced onto the defensive.

High Quadrants: From the basis of stringere you’ll learn how to attack the high quadrants using cuts that close the centerline and force your opponent into predictable responses.

Low Quadrants: In this lesson you’ll learn how to make effective entering attacks against the low quadrant guards and how to tactically respond to your opponent’s best and most likely defenses.

Binding: Finally we’ll explore the bind, a position of neutral pressure that occur frequently in combat when you and your opponent fight for control of the center. You’ll learn how binds are created and how to effectively and proactively respond to them to stay in control and maximize your advantages.

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Course Includes

  • 4 Lessons
  • 23 Topics
  • 8 Challenges