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  • Bob

    Feb 17/21 at 10:22 am

    Week 3 Training Plan (First week of Masters Club)

    Topic: My main goal for this week is to review Longsword Masterclass material & Sidesword basics


    1 hour /day this week (I’ve already done Monday& Tuesday


    Monday- Review German Longsword cuts and guards

    -Also Review Sidesword guards and Sword and buckler postions


    – Foundation Cuts , Unarmed poste, LS Fundamentals

    Wednesday –

    -Work on Fiore Assault -Plan to get 1st six moves down . Work on application Friday with partner


    -Review Gioco Largo and Stretto

    Friday –

    -Review Mounted guards Video playbuild on rolling chairs

    -Review Fiore Assault – 1st six moves down . Work on application with partner

    -Review and post Fiore Play build video Gioco Stetto and Largo


    Read Christian Toblers Fighting with German Longsword with focus on false edge cuts

    Review videos from LS Fundamental module

    10 minutes minimum on Meyer square Mezza cuts ; review Foundation cuts – break down 4 sections