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  • Jeffrey

    Feb 21/21 at 2:51 pm

    Sunday (day 5)

    Spent a large part of today doing sword things off and on. I picked up the sword when I needed a distraction from chores and did chores when I needed a break from the sword. Completed Fundamentals 2 this morning worked on a form for submission and checked off more things in LS2 and attended the Q&A.

    Also won the week!

    Victory Laps. Achieved all objectives except one. The form a need to redo is giving me trouble hopefully I will get it to a point I can resubmit next week.

    Course Corrections. Focus on one form for the week instead of trying to do 2. (slow down, focus, deliberate practice.)

    Aha Moments. I started practicing with a stick when I am first learning something so I can get in more reps before getting tired. I switch to the sword once I have it blocked out. It was great Devon mentioned this same sort of thing in the Q&A.