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  • Devon

    Feb 21/21 at 7:00 pm

    Week 3 Reflection

    Victory Laps: The big Victory Laps this week were 1. Getting in three really fulfilling runs. I upped my overall time running and made it into my week 6 program on my training. 2. Got out to the lake to shoot a flow video. I want to be putting up some performance and practice videos every week, separate from the lesson videos I create. More examples of form in action are great to be making.

    Course Corrections: Next week I’d like to involve my partner in my morning training sessions. It means getting to bed together at a more consistent time. She needs a bit more consistency in her sleeping rhythms than I do. So I’ll be heading to sleep by 11 every night this week so we can get up and train together.

    Aha Moments: Taking pauses in my day to move — with a sword or in dance — made a big difference in my sense of presence to the day. I have a desire to savour time more and soulful connection with my body is quite impactful in that regard. More of that next week.