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  • Thomas

    Feb 22/21 at 8:38 am

    <div>Week 3 close out.</div>

    Victory Laps. Where were your successes in efforts or achievement?

    Yes, training on Monday and Tuesday shifted to reading various parts of the Getty Manuscript instead due to a loss of electricity.

    Course Corrections. What might you do differently next week to implement learning from any shortfalls this week? Have a rough plan in place (Contingency Plan) that can be updated with the Master Club weekly training material, if need, prior to the beginning of the week.

    Aha Moments. What inspired you? Seeing everyone continuing forward with their training.

    Where was the joy? In movement and improvement.

    How might you dig further into that next week? Wrap up week five, see about insert prescribed plan into goals for the week, and set a goal for finishing a certain number of videos.