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  • Daniel

    Feb 22/21 at 10:40 am

    Training Plan February Week 4: 22-28

    Topic: Rhythm and Consistency Continued….

    Schedule: I have a more full work week this week. Should be able to fit in 1 – 2 hours per day of training. Will focus on Movement practice and Cutting Practice, Thrusting for some variation. Remember to try shadow boxing a bit more too.

    I am hoping to be able to do a bit of partner training at slow speed with Karen to finish up some of the Masterclass material I want to do as a partner exercise (play building in particular along with a brief Tempo video). Monday and Friday are the most intense training opportunities. I plan to do a cutting workout based on my seconds app routines. I may try to get to the Thursday Longsword class at 12 if I can reschedule a client so that works.

    Plan: Gonna continue working on memorizing the Scholars Assault, using the SKIL model that Devon and Vitor shared in the Sunday Coaching Call. I would like to continue to try to finish up the various parts of Mastersclass. This is what remains for me at the beginning of the week:

    0) Learn Scholar’s Assault (My goal is to get the sequence down this week at the bare minimum).

    1) Post a video demonstration of tempo (this depends on Karen)

    2) Gioco Largo Playbuild (this depends on Karen)

    3) Gioco Stretto Playbuild (this depends on Karen)

    4) Write reflections for week 4

    5) incorporate more shadow boxing into my practice (practice this 3 times this week)

    6) Write Martial Arts books post (this should be fun and easy, good for a busy day when I just have a bit of time)

    7) Fiore Interpretation: Gonna do the armored combat one, cause I love armored combat (this will be a good thing for Friday when I have more time to figure out what I am doing). If I don’t complete this one this week, I will not be too frustrated.

    Contingency: Backup plan is the same as usual, do flow exercise and pushups before bed if I didn’t manage to do anything else during the day.

    For variety I could add in learning the Mounted Combat Poste Progression. This might also be fun to save for next week.


    Learn: Mounted Poste Progression