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  • Thomas

    Feb 24/21 at 12:39 pm

    Day 3

    20 – Stationary Bike workout, 20 minute warm up & body mobility exercises

    Thrusting through posta longa from posta breve (inside & outside) – 10 reps

    Longsword Cutting Flow – 6 sets of 1 minute

    Mezzani – 3 sets of 10 reps mix in full blows and half blows

    Stance Walking – Spend 3 one-minute sets moving in stance Use advancing, retreating, passing, triangle footwork, and the three turns. Focus on knee and foot alignment, ground connection, keeping the legs bent and the back straight, and moving smoothly. For spice, throw in some hand/elbow strikes at random

    Practice cuts and thrusts from each of the 12 guards (see the Expanded Poste Progression) – 1 minute per guard

    Practice the Five Measures Form combined with cutting through longa (intention cutting) – 2 reps(Big Big) Complete all of the practice exercises in the Longsword Fundamentals II: Thrusting, Blade Control & Footwork course