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  • Daniel

    Feb 24/21 at 1:22 pm

    Feb 23

    I guess I never ended up sharing my training from yesterday. I thought I had.

    I did some Attack and Defense Practice focused on keeping good order and incorporating feedback I got when I submitted the form. It felt awkward and like I was regressing rather than progressing. Karen and I discussed Tempo and then submitted our Tempo identification videos. We registered for the 7pm Longsword Apprentice Class but the teacher never ended up showing up for the class. This was okay cause we spent the time working through Karen’s Gioco Largo defense form and preparing to get into play building. I am excited to do that work with her on Friday and hopefully finish week 4 of Masterclass. Right before heading to sleep I submitted the discussion around books that have influenced my journey, and as soon as I sent it I thought of a bunch more to mention. Anyway, I love books. I am currently reading this book:


    It explores how having sufficient weapons in the house was a requirement in late medieval and renaissance HRE and how the expectation to participate in civil defense defined attitudes towards combat activities.



    and here is my Attack and Defense Practice from Feb 23rd: