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  • Devon

    Feb 28/21 at 6:46 pm

    Day 6 and 7

    I had a really superb time this weekend focusing on just enjoying moving with the sword. In particular on Saturday I spent an hour doing movement exercises with sword and buckler and longsword.

    I moved between shadow boxing and flow. Put on some music and just moved joyfully with the weapon. It was a real pleasure and kept me far more occupied than I had anticipated.

    On Sunday I spent time working on parry exercises that I have often worked with parnters but enjoyed working them with a focus on visualization, combinations of multiple parries, and efficient counter-attack. About 30 minutes today plus some additional walk-by-pick-up-my-sword-mess-around-for-a-bit-then-continue-about-my-day sessions.

    Now about to shoot a couple vids both as drill resources and self-review.