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  • Daniel

    Mar 8/21 at 6:34 pm

    Victory Laps. I feel good about having attended the classes and got some renewal of enthusiasm from that (it was a good course correction for my lagging enthusiasm). I am glad I still managed to do sword in hand work 5 days of the week.

    Course Corrections. I find that I get caught on the intellectual work such as writing out playbuilds, writing up the scholar’s assault to try to memorize the sequence and I lose a lot of momentum in these things. I really should be able to finish everything this week if I just put in a good few hours filming and working on these things but it is hard. I can just accept that I have not got the scholars assault memorized but do understand all the parts of it. I could just accept that Karen is not going to be able to be my partner for the playbuilds and just complete them nonetheless. I feel like I am holding myself back and like I should just let go. I am gonna try to book in some time next week (this week now) for writing up the playbuilds for stretto and largo. It is easy enough.

    Aha Moments. I found the classes inspiring, they helped me get over the hump I was feeling.