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  • Bob

    Mar 14/21 at 2:35 pm

    March Week 2 training log

    Monday Day 1
    1 hr

    • -German master cut form ;Focus on sheilhau and krumpau

    Tuesday Day 2 1/2 hour

    • -Meyers cut ;unarmed poste

    Wednesday- Day 3 – 1 1/2 hours

    – footwork ; dummy practice ; Reviewed German Master Cuts form and Italian counterpart

    Thursday Day 4 -2 hrs

    -worked on Italian form and various footwork

    Practice with partner ; cutting to the hand upon opponents yield

    Friday Day 5 -1 hr

    -side word class with Devon

    Saturday Day 6-1 hr

    -Rapier class with Marli

    Sunday Day 7 2 hours

    • Worked on flow form paying attension to mezzani and going through Posto fronTale on the face change
    • Worked on upper Cuts from Posta di donna Lassoprana
    • X cuts from Finestra / thrust
    • Unarmed poste
    • Reviewed 5 measures