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  • Jade

    Mar 14/21 at 11:19 pm

    I did meet my objectives for the week without having to fall back on contingency plans, which is a win. However, I filmed two versions of my Gioco Stretto playbuild today, one with partner, one without, and am not happy with either version. I also forgot to film from both profile and face forward point of views, so will probably redo video before submitting for assessment – annoying because I really wanted this one out of the way!

    Target for optimizing practice next week is to get some of the larger training days + videoing done at the beginning of the week. This will be a challenge I may not succeed at as my weekends are much clearer than my weekdays, but my current weekend intensive schedule means that I am putting quite a lot of pressure on myself to “complete” my week on Sunday, so would like to avoid this by more evenly distributing training if I can.