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  • Devon

    Mar 20/21 at 9:17 am

    Jeff this is really great. The smoothness of your cuts has really improved and your order is great.

    The topic of you post was “Body alignment” and you’re doing a really nice job of keeping your shoulders balanced as well.

    Couple things to look at:

    1. Check your edge alignment. Sometimes it looked me (and could just be the camera angle) that the edge of the sword did not line up with the direction of the cut precisely. Slow the cut down and examine that, or even freeze sometimes in a cut to ensure that your edge alignment is where you want it.

    2. Brings your hands back and to the side a bit more in your donna so that your bottom hand isn’t an easy target. You can see this in the side view show that your left hand is quite forward. You could compare your video to one of my cutting exemplars in the Apprentice Skill Assessments course to help guide that.

    Finally – if you haven’t already submitted skill assessments for the basic cuts I think you should!