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  • Bob

    Mar 21/21 at 10:55 am

    Week 3 Training Log

    Traveled this week to Florida to visit my son who just graduated from tech welding school

    Did not get to do so much actual sword in hand this week

    Did a lot of reading as my contingency plan:

    Started reading “Mindset” by Carol Dweck …thanks for the recommendation !

    Also started reading” Closing of the Western Mind “ by Charles Freeman some good cultural history on what was going on at the time of the Roman Empire

    Participated in group zoom discussion on Lichtenaur Zettel – specific focus on couplets 27-32 Zornhau

    Also Did some reading this week on Dobringer codex HS 3227a


    Looking forward to setting up a good training regiment for next week .

    Will not be able to make the Q and A session Sunday and look forward to reviewing the session and seeing how everyone is doing