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  • Devon

    Mar 21/21 at 8:43 pm

    Reflection for Week 3

    Victory Laps:

    Kept up a lower but consistent rhythm this week. Happy with myself for keeping up the running rhythm. My first full week of running 5k 3 times. Enjoyed diving into 3227a and touching into my curiosity of learning.

    Course Corrections:

    I think I’m on track. I want to be aware of moving with my body and inspiration and ensure that I don’t find I’m flagging when I intend to be resting.

    Aha Moments:

    Karen’s comment about tricking the emotional part of her brain that often doesn’t want to practice, in the Q&A today, really stood out to me. I noticed I do something similar when I run — I say to myself “Maybe I’ll do only half a run today” then when I get to the halfway point I keep going and say “Maybe I’ll not do my sprint at the end.” then when I get to the end I sprint anyway. But somehow those little chats and potentials for concession, but not actual concession, help me get through somehow.