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  • Daniel

    Mar 22/21 at 11:14 am

    Week 4

    Topic: Fighting Shadows and Playing at Building. I really want to finish up my Masterclass in the next two weeks. Most of the struggle is time constraints and prioritizing. Last week was a wash with work stress, lack of sleep, and a lot of extra emotional labor needed for family. Also bought a car. I still got sword in hand 5 days but not much of a plan. This week I am gonna stick with a looser plan and thus not fail as hard. Mostly it is the time taken up by writing these posts that becomes a barrier more than doing the actual sword work. I have a weird block around starting to write that comes up when I have less resources.


    Monday I have some time in the morning and evening, focus on playbuilding, working up a sweat and planning the week.

    Tuesday attend Quintin’s class, do some cutting practice

    Wednesday busy, minimal effort expected

    Thursday Devon’s class, dancing in the evening

    Friday Lots of time, submit some stuff

    Weekend is fully booked with other stuff.

    Plan: I want to record a bunch of play builds this week and submit a few for review

    Contingency: I started the week by recording a bunch, so if I don’t do anything else this week I have already created something I can submit for both stretto and largo playbuilding. Always return to flow drill if all else fails.