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  • Bob

    Mar 24/21 at 3:31 pm

    Week 4 training plan

    Topic: <div>Work on LS 4 material </div><div>Flow – focus on mezzani cuts and turns </div><div>German vs Italian 5 cuts</div><div>Schedule:</div><div>Monday and Friday take sidesword class with Devon </div><div>Thursday partner training </div><div>video review Sidesword and LS 4 module </div><div>Shoot a video </div><div>Plan:</div><div>Monday- sidesword class </div><div>Review Zettle</div><div>Tuesday-1/2 hour fundamental cuts</div><div>Wednesday- review video </div><div>Thursday Partner Training </div><div>Friday- sidesword class </div><div>.Contingency:</div><div>15 minutes </div><div>Meyer square </div><div>Unarmed poste </div>