Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Assess: Self-Review

Refer to the topic “How to Assess and Review Video” for the complete description, summarized below in priority order:

  • Mechanics
    • Is the body held upright with pelvis and shoulders neutral?
    • Are limbs and joints appropriately aligned for health and power?
    • Are feet pointing in the correct directions in relation to knees and hips?
  • Movement
    • Is movement forward happening in the correct order? (Weapon, hand, shoulders, hips, then feet)
    • Is spine alignment and joint alignment being maintained throughout movements? (Look for: over extension at the shoulders, leaning forward or sideways off centre, knees coming to the inside, feet turning to the inside.)
    • Is movement smooth and directed? (Straight lines, no unnecessary bobbing or weaving)
    • Is the body working together in a coordinated fashion? (e.g. Hands are beginning and directing an attack, then the shoulder and hip rotation is powering it)
  • Martiality
    • Are series of actions done smoothly without hesitations or stutters?
    • Are actions crisp and grounded and avoidant of hyper extension? (Look for snapping the limbs into maximum extension — be particularly mindful with elbows and shoulders).
    • Are attacks conducted with clear martial intent?
    • Is acceleration occurring at the appropriate points (as the weapon begins its action and all the way through the target)