Lesson 1, Topic 1
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From Misura Larghissima

Receiving at Misura Larghissima

A found partner has only 3 viable sword options as they step forward:

  1. Stay in the same line and do nothing with their sword.
  2. Push on your sword using a volta stabile in an attempt to find or gain in the same line.
  3. Disengage your sword to the opposite line using a cavatione.

You have two responses:

  1. Maintain control by leaving your sword in place (in the instance where the opponent does not challenge you in any way)
  2. Make a cavatione and maintain your advantages (in response to pressure or your opponent’s cavatione)

If, while doing this, your opponent is trying to attack you, you can gain and strike them in contro-tempo (typically with a pass of your own)

If your opponent is stepping forward heedlessly, you can respond appropriately and strike them in primo tempo with a lunge.

If your opponent is stepping forward conservatively, you can respond appropriately and increase your advantages and your angulation and penetration at the closer measure.