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Collecting the Cut – Practice Copy

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Collecting the Cut – Practice Copy

Immediate Practice

5 minutes – Practice collecting from Posta Longa.

  • Start in Posta Longa with your point directed at your partner.
    • Your partner will deliver cuts through your sword as well as around your sword.
    • Your partner will cut from all directions.
    • All cuts should target your upper body.
    • Some types of attacks (such as cutting around the sword and not through it) will seem suicidal. The important part of this exercise is to be building the capability to guide an attacking sword into your cross regardless of its angle of attack.
  • Collect all of their cuts by pointing into them and orienting your body to face the crossing.

5 minutes – Practice collecting from Posta Breve.

  • Work on the same exercise but beginning in Posta Breve.
  • Many collections can be completed in Posta Breve without extending your arms into Posta Longa. Explore when you should make this extension and how it is important.

Ongoing Practice

Practicing collection from Posta Longa and Breve is a powerful way to build your facility with using the three advantages to withstand even very powerful blows. Over time you can challenge yourself to be even better at this exercise by:

  • Starting in withdrawn guards and extending into Posta Longa as a response to the cut.
  • Inviting your partner to attempt to clear your sword by targeting it more directly. With good footwork, sword position, and mechanics, you can learn to withstand many clearing actions except for the most extreme.