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Contra Tempo Drill – Practice

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Contra Tempo Drill – Practice

Immediate Practice

10 minutes – Practice the contra tempo drill with your partner (with protective gear).

  • Start slowly. Build up speed only as precision is acquired.
  • Practice starting with a finding on the inside and outside. Focus on one side for a while, then the other, then alternate.
  • Move the point of your sword first (to acquire the advantage of crossing) to succeed in maintaining control of your opponent’s weapon.
  • Extend your sword forward in front of the sword side (seconda) or off-side (quarta) shoulder. Don’t push sideways when gaining.

Ongoing Practice

  • Like parry-repost, striking in contra tempo in this way is a core part of effective Italian fencing. It is recommended that you practice this technique regularly.
  • You can effectively build this skill by practicing it along with parry repost as they both include many common elements.