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Cutting Down from the Right, Up from the Left – Practice

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Cutting Down from the Right, Up from the Left – Practice

Immediate Practice

5 minutes – Build up the fendente in place and then with a step.

  • Start by cutting from the shoulder to the position in front (called Posta Longa). Don’t step. Do this at least 20 times.
    • Keep your hands in tight, make sure the blade goes first and that the cross bar protects your hands.
    • Bring the point on line with your sword hands in front of your breast bone.
    • Let your hips turn as you make the cut. This helps add power and reach before stepping.
  • Cut out in front as described, then add in a step as you let the sword fall. It concludes at your left hip as shown. Do this at least 10 times.
    • Cut out into posta longa first, then step. This will help you always send the sword ahead of your body.
  • Cut the mandritto fendente fully from shoulder to hip. Maintain the same order as when you did it in two parts but without a pause.

5 minutes – Practice the mandritto fendente, followed by the roverso sottano.

  • As shown, practice cutting downward with a step forward and then back upward, with the false edge, stepping backward.
  • Try making both cuts while stepping forward, then try both while stepping backward.
  • When you’re moving forward, always make sure to send your sword well ahead of your body. It should feel like your sword pulls your body along with it.