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Cutting the "X" Pattern – Practice

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Cutting the “X” Pattern – Practice

Immediate Practice

5 minutes – Practice cutting the downward X from shoulder to shoulder.

  • Pause at the end of each cut, before lifting the sword to the opposite shoulder. This will help you find the correct timing for your cut.
  • Swing the sword back behind you to bring it onto the shoulder.

5 minutes – Practice cutting the downward X without pausing.

  • Keep the same timing as before. Although the sword will be in constant motion, the feet pause while the sword is lifted up for the next cut.
  • Work with the weight of the weapon. Feel how its momentum can be preserved between cuts.

Ongoing Practice

  • Cutting patterns like downward X should play a role in regular practice. They are an excellent way to warm-up as well as build facility with the sword.
  • Use a timer and practice patterns in one minute sequences. You can alternate between other patterns you learn, single cuts, and moments to work on footwork alone.