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Disengage Over – Practice

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Disengage Over – Practice

Immediate Practice

5 minutes – Practicing the cavatione sopra in place, without movement.

  • Your partner is in place and you cavatione from one side of their sword to the other, finding their sword and the three advantages.
  • Perform 5 cavatione and then switch roles.
  • Alternate back and forth.
  • Stay as close to their sword as possible with your point as you conduct the cavatione over their point.

5 minutes – Practicing the cavatione sopra with the step back.

  • Practice 5 cavatione and switch roles, stepping back and then forward after reacquiring the advantages.
  • As an advanced practice your partner can then attempt to gain your sword after you’ve stepped back in. You can then respond by gaining their sword instead (provided you have indeed found the three advantages)