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Double Cuts – Practice

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Double Cuts – Practice

Immediate Practice

  • 5 minutes – Double Mandritto
    • Practice cutting the double mandritto with the gather step.
      • 3 sets of 10 reps with the right and left hand.
    • When making double cuts ensure that:
      • Your weapon is extending ahead of your step.
      • You are bringing back your sword-side shoulder when preparing to cut.
      • You are powering your cut with the rotation of your body.
      • You are cutting with a full arm (a shoulder cut).
      • You keep your knees bent and your hips on the same level throughout the preparation and attack.
  • 5 Minutes – Double Roverso
    • Practice cutting the double roverso with the gather step.
      • 3 sets of 10 reps with the right and left hand.
    • Follow the same advice as above, being aware that you are now stepping forward with your offside foot during each cut.
  • 5 Minutes – Alternating Between Double Mandritto and Roverso
    • Practice alternating between a double mandritto and a double roverso, moving both forward and back.
      • 3 sets of 10 reps where you cut a double mandritto and roverso each time.
      • Practice with both the right and left hand.
    • When alternating between mandritto and roverso the footwork will be as follows:
      • With the sword in your right hand, start with your left foot leading.
      • Cut a mandritto with a passing step.
      • Gather in your left foot.
      • Cut a second mandritto, stepping forward again with your right foot.
      • Cut a roverso, passing forward with your left foot.
      • Gather in your right foot.
      • Cut a second roverso, stepping forward again with your left foot.
      • You’re now back at the beginning. Repeat the pattern.

Optional: Partner or Pell Practice

  • 10 Minutes – Practicing Clearing and Striking with Mandritti and Roversi
    • First clear your partner’s sword, then strike to the target or partner.
    • Practice with a double mandritto and roverso.
    • 3 sets of 10 reps per hand.
    • To finish your time practice alternating between the double mandritto and double roverso.
    • All of this can be accomplished using fixed targets as well as an obliging partner.

Ongoing Practice

  • Practice alternating between double cuts and alternating X cuts.
  • Attune yourself to how the torso’s rotation is what gives the cut power and how your footwork can support that rotation.
  • Practice double cuts on rising cutting lines as well as descending lines.
  • Make time to practice both solo and with a partner or a pell.