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Dui Tempi Opportunity – Practice

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Dui Tempi Opportunity – Practice

Immediate Practice

10 minutes – Parry-repost on the outside

  • Start by allowing your partner to find and gain your sword on the outside. As they attack conduct the parry, gain their sword, and counter-attack (repost).
  • Your goal is to refind all of the advantages with the least amount of movement necessary.
  • Finding in the parry should look no different than if you had simply approached to find.
  • The pressure for parrying is more about pushing their weapon down (or being on top) than it is about pushing the opponent’s sword sideways.
  • You do not need to wait for the opponent to recover to gain and counter-attack.
  • If you need more time to parry or the opponent’s leverage is too strong, step back while parrying.

10 minutes – Parry-repost on the inside

  • Follow the same advice as above.
  • As a more advanced practice in either line you can begin by finding your partner and having them disengage to strike. This action would then prompt your parry and repost. (This is how the action is shown in the video).

10 minutes – Optional Practice: Beat and Strike

  • Practice the last exercise shown in the lesson:
    • Place your partner’s sword to your inside at misura larga.
    • Strike your partner’s sword away with a short and sharp motion of your true edge.
    • Extend into quarta and strike with a lunge. (Your sword is in place to protect you from the opponent’s weapon as they bring it back on line).
  • Practice the exercise on the outside. Use seconda to strike.

Ongoing Practice

  • Parry-repost is a central defensive and counter-offensive technique in Italian rapier. It should be a regular part of your practice.
  • When you have proficiency you can alternate back and forth with a partner. As your partner conducts the parry and repost to you, you can then parry and repost in respond. Thus coming into a cycle of back and forth actions.
    • Be sure to practice on both the inside and outside.
    • You can also make a disengage and move immediately to parry instead of parrying in the same line.