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Eight Cuts – Practice

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Eight Cuts – Practice

Immediate Practice

  • 10 minutes – X and then + Cutting Pattern
    • Practice cutting the X alone in the right and left hand, 20 reps per side.
    • Practice cutting the cross (+) alone in the right and left hand, 20 reps per side.
    • Bring the two together into the full 8 cut pattern, 20 reps per side.
    • Spend 5 minutes exploring different ways you can cut the X and cross. Try starting with the sword in different places. Try not to repeat any cut in the pattern.
    • In your practice:
      • Keep your edge aligned with the angle of each cut.
      • Connect your arm and body motion.
      • Ensure your cutting path is straight and not curved.
      • Focus on smooth movement before adding speed.
  • 10 minutes – Cutting the Pie
    • While standing in place with the sword in your right hand, cut the 8 cuts in this order:
      • Fendente (downward)
      • Mandritto squalembrato (downward right to left)
      • Mandritto tondo (right to left)
      • Mandritto sottano (upward right to left)
      • Montante (upward)
      • Roverso sottano (upward left to right)
      • Roverso tondo (left to right)
      • Roverso squalembrato (downward left to right)
    • Repeat this pattern 10 times.
    • Switch hands and repeat the mirror of the pattern with the sword in your left hand.
  • 10 minutes – Cutting while stepping
    • Go back to the X and cross pattern and practice 20 reps in each hand.
    • Ensure that you cut in accord; when you cut from the right, step with your right foot, when you cut from the left, step with your left foot.
    • Make sure your sword moves ahead of your step when you’re moving forward.
    • Practice moving forward and backward in your space.
    • Experiment with different patterns while ensuring you always cut in accord. Alternating between right and left.

Ongoing Practice

  • Practice these cutting patterns both with and without movement on a regular basis.
  • We recommend using a timer set to one minute intervals. Change patterns every minute.
  • Practice pairs of cuts as well as larger sequences.
  • Start slowly and smoothly and increase speed with precision.