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Exchanging Full Tempos – Practice

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Exchanging Full Tempos – Practice

Immediate Practice

5 minutes – Take time to explore the concept of tempos as units.

  • What types of actions can you do in one tempo?
  • How many tempos is it to lunge and recover?
  • Can you lunge and recover in four tempos?

5 minutes – Play the Exchanging Full Tempos game.

  • Sides can be called by a third person or by one of the players of the game.
  • Some further examples of actions that can be taken in a given turn:
    • Advance, retreat, step right, step left.
    • Half of a passing step (a full pass would take two turns).
    • Changing guard (in place or while stepping).
    • Striking with a lunge (can include a disengage provided you move forward throughout the disengage).
  • If you do not hit your opponent at the end of a lunge, you must remain there until it is your turn to move again.
  • This game is largely about staying out of measure from your partner. More advanced versions of this game follow.