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Exercise: Evade then Cut – Practice

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Exercise: Evade then Cut – Practice

Immediate Practice

5 minutes – Practice evade and cut with the mandritto fendente. 10 reps.

  • Have your partner make a half cut from posta di dona each time. This will allow you to focus on using your mandritto fendente as the appropriate response.
  • Stay as close to your partner’s point as you can when you exit, while leaving space for your cut to develop without threat to your arms or body.

5-10 minutes – Practice evade and cut against the other quadrants. 10 reps each.

  • Have your partner give you 10 reps where they begin in porta di ferro and cut a mandritto sottano up to finestra on their left.
  • You’ll know each time which guard they will end up in, so you can focus on your evasion and re-entry mechanics.
  • Once you feel confident against that setup, have them switch to the opposite cut, etc.

Ongoing Practice

  • Once you feel more competent with the mechanics of this exercise you can have your partner cut from any of the quadrants. You will then need to select the appropriate cut so you come on the weak side of their blade.
  • Attempt to do this without pausing. By recognizing the cut that your partner is making in advance, you can plan ahead for the appropriate cut to counter them.