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Finding the Sword – Practice

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Finding the Sword – Practice

Immediate Practice

10 minutes – Finding and gaining against pressure.

  • Approach your partner, finding a bit of each advantage as you do so.
  • Once you arrive at misura larga, your partner will attempt to gain your sword. In response you will gain their sword instead and strike.
  • Ensure you move in proper order, moving the hips forward absolutely last.
  • Your partner should attempt to find the advantages over your sword while moving forward. They should not attempt to strike around or pull their sword backward. (both of these options would need to be answered differently)
  • Practice on both the outside and inside 5 times and then switch roles. Alternate with your partner for at least 3 sets.
  • You can then alternate with single attacks on the inside or outside for a more advanced practice.

Ongoing Practice

As stated before, practicing finding and gaining, particularly against pressure should become a standard part of regular practice. It is recommend to repeat the above drill in each of your training session for the foreseeable future.