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Getting Started – Practice

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Getting Started – Practice

Immediate Practice

  • 10 minutes – Practice forming the two guards Guardia Alta and Porta di Ferro Stretto.
    • Guardia Alta with the arm over the head.
    • Porta di Ferro Stretto with the sword ahead of the lead leg, pointed at the opponent.
    • Explore your grip.
    • Practice moving between the two positions.
    • Keep your weight forward and your feet in an L orientation.
  • 5 minutes – Practice cutting between Guardia Alta and Porta di Ferro Stretto
    • Make sure that the true edge aims in the direction of the cut.
    • Pivot on the front foot as you make your passing step.
    • Keep your chest up proudly.
    • Ensure that you begin the cut before you step.

Ongoing Practice

  • Practice “stance-walking” by moving forward and back in the way shown in the lesson.
    • Keep your body low and your weight forward.
    • Practice pivoting on the ball of the foot and keeping the body profiled at the end of each step.
  • Practice cutting between guards with attention to grip, edge orientation, and posture.