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Guard Names – Practice

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Guard Names – Practice

Immediate Practice

  • 10 minutes – Practice cutting into the Coda Longa, Cinghiara, and Porta di Ferro guards
    • Cut into the alta, stretta, and larga guard of each.
    • First cut all the Coda Longa guards, 10 reps each hand
    • Then cut all the Porta di Ferro guards, 10 reps each hand
    • Then cut all the Cinghiara guards, 10 reps each hand
  • 10 minutes – Cutting into the high guards
    • Cut sottani and montanti into each of the high guards.
    • Find the guards that are at the start and end of each of the rising cuts.
  • 10 minutes – Walk through the guards while naming them
    • Moving with cuts or just changes of hand position through each of the guards.
    • There are 11 low guards (including Coda Longa e Distesa and Sotto Braccio)
    • There are 6 high guards: Sopra Braccio, Guarda di Facia, Guard d’intrare, Guardia di Testa, Guardia Alta, and one where the knuckles point upward and the point is on line at the opponent called Guardia di Alicorno (not shown in this video).

Ongoing Practice

  • Spend time in your cutting practice naming the start and end guards of your cuts.
  • Vocabulary is a powerful tool for building your ability to memorize sequences and analyze your opponent.