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Holding the Sword – Practice

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Holding the Sword – Practice

Immediate Practice

  • 10 minutes – Experiment with ways of holding the rapier.
    • Try different grips
    • Try two fingers over the quillon.
    • Try one finger over (what is described).
    • Hold the grip deeply in the hand.
    • Hold the grip further toward the ends of your fingers.
  • In the grips, experiment with the following movements:
    • A sawing or chopping motion.
    • A thrusting movement with the point.
    • Circling the point.
    • Rolling your hand from palm-up to palm down.
    • Be sure to try these maneuvers with the grip shown in the video.

Ongoing Practice

  • Regularly examine your grip.
  • To do the grip well takes finger and hand strength that is typically not present at the beginning of one’s learning.