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Maintaining Control at the Debole (Point) – Practice

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Maintaining Control at the Debole (Point) – Practice

Immediate Practice

5 minutes – Practice the contra-cavatione in response to the cavatione. 10 times on the inside, 10 times on the outside.

  • As in the lesson, try it first by starting in measure having already found your partner’s debole.
  • Then have your partner make their cavatione while you step in to find them. This will require your contra-cavatione be delivered more smoothly and responsively.

5 minutes – Practice responding to your partner’s pressure with a cavatione. 10 times on the inside, 10 times on the outside.

  • Your partner will push on your point with a volta stabile while you try to find the advantages.
  • Don’t resist their pressure, make your cavatione as efficiently as possible and as close to their weapon as possible.
  • The motion of the cavatione should be a “corkscrew” forward that puts you in a position of greater advantage after your step.

5 minutes – Practice 10 approaches where your partner randomly cues you.

  • Your partner can push on your sword or disengage prompting you to respond with the cavatione or contra-cavatione, respectively.
  • Aim to do this slowly and smoothly before attempting to add speed. You must execute this technique with precision and without pausing.

Ongoing Practice

  • You can add these exercises in front of any technique that starts at the mezza spada or deeper.
  • Next time you are practicing a technique that begins with you finding your partner at their mezza spada, begin out of measure and have your partner attempt to regain control as you approach. You will then conduct the technique of this lesson first, and then the technique from the mezza spada crossing.