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Misura Larga – Practice

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Misura Larga – Practice

Immediate Practice

Repeat the same style of practice from the Misura Larghissima combat lesson. Use the exercises shown in the lesson or select your own.

5-15 minutes – Scaling Speed Practice

  • Choose a technique from the true fight and put on your appropriate combat safety gear.
  • Start the practice of this technique at speed 1 or 2.
    • Your partner should cue you clearly and consistently.
    • Seek to move at the same speed as your partner and to begin your counter-action at the right moment.
    • Focus on precision and smoothness.
  • Build up the speed of your practice one level at a time until you reach the maximum level you want to practice at today.
    • Maintain your precision and timing.
    • If things start to fall apart, slow down and refind your precision. Then attempt to bring the speed back up.
  • Choose a second technique and follow the same process again.

5-15 minutes – Tactical Practice

  • Choose 1-3 techniques to be cued tactically. Be sure you are wearing appropriate combat safety gear.
    • The techniques should all have the same starting position and measure. For example starting at misura larghissima your opponent could cue you by 1. Stepping forward leaving their sword in the same line. 2. Stepping forward while pushing on your sword. 3. Stepping backward while pushing on your sword.
  • Start your tactical practice at speed 1 or 2.
    • Focus on making the right choices efficiently and without scrambling.
    • Use your tactile sense as much as possible.
    • Ensure that your partner does not “help” you win but makes sure to let your side fail if you do not do your technique correctly.
  • Build up the speed of your practice one level at a time until you reach the maximum level you want to practice at today.
    • If you start to scramble, pause, hesitate or routinely make the wrong choice or perform your technique incorrectly, slow down one level. Once things are working well, try pushing up a level again.
    • Don’t rush yourself to go too fast to quickly. This will actually slow your learning.
    • Work at a level where you can maintain precision but feel challenged.


  • Scaling speed training and tactical training are important tools for taking techniques up to combat proficiency.
  • Focus on precision, timing, body mechanics, and excellence of execution.
  • Don’t rush your training. Trying to rush past basics into fast and complex actions invariable hurts your development long term. Enjoy the process of honing and maintaining your basics.
  • Challenge yourself without overwhelming yourself.