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Posture Drills – Practice

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Posture Drills – Practice

Immediate Practice

5 minutes – From a neutral position, practice snapping into the defensive posture.

  • Practice stepping forward (lead-foot) and backward (rear-foot) into the defensive posture.
  • Move immediately into the correct placement of arm and body. Avoid “wiggling” into place.
  • Practice in sets of 10 forming the posture both right and left lead.
  • Have a partner examine your position.
    • Notice errors and attempt to correct them on the next repetition. Do not correct them after forming the posture.

5 minutes – Practice moving between the defensive and offensive postures.

  • Ensure you move in proper order.
    • When moving forward: hand reaches forward, arm extends, shoulders reach.
    • When moving backward: shoulders recover, arm bends and withdraws, hand is placed by the flank.
  • Use a partner, camera, or mirror to examine your transition. Looking for proper order as well as proper alignment of the body in both the offensive and defensive postures.
  • Practice in sets of 10 with both the right and left side leading.
    • Practice slowly and precisely at first.
    • Gradually move toward faster and sharper practice as your precision increases.

Ongoing Practice

  • Practice moving crisply into posture at the start of all of your training sessions.
  • Make forming the posture crisply a part of all drills.
  • The proper order of movement between the defensive and offensive postures should be monitored in all drills.