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Postures of Longsword Combat – Practice

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Postures of Longsword Combat – Practice

Immediate Practice

5 minutes – Practice moving between the four “quadrant” positions.

  • Posta di Donna / Lady’s Position (upper right)
    Posta di Donna Sinestra / Lady’s Position on the Left (upper left)
    Dente al Cinghiara / Boar’s Tooth (lower left)
    Porta di Ferro / Iron Gate (lower righter)
  • Practice moving the sword from one side of the body to the other and switching your lead foot as you do so.
  • Try to form the positions as accurately to the video as possible. Stay relaxed as you do so.
  • Experiment with the actions shown from each position in the video.

Ongoing Practice

  • How you form the positions is a central part of good sword practice. Take time to review how you hold your positions against the reference video.
    • Have a partner examine your position or use a mirror or video camera to help you examine your own positions.
  • Make sure that your sword is in the correct place and that your body is in proper alignment.
  • Practice moving your sword between positions but also practice moving around a room while holding one specific position.