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Sideways Step – Practice

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Sideways Step – Practice

Immediate Practice

5 minutes – Practice sideways steps from one side of your space to the other.

  • Start at one side of your space. Perform sideways steps until you run out of space. Then sideways step in the opposite direction.
  • Maintain the distance between your feet.
  • Be sure not to step too far with each step.
  • Practice the same exercise in the offensive posture.

5 minutes – Practice combining right and left steps.

  • Start at one side of your space. Perform two steps left followed by one to the right. Once you reach the end of your space change to two steps right followed by one left.
  • Practice in both the defensive and offensive postures.
  • Keep steps crisp and small.
  • Focus on maintaining posture and alignment of the feet through transitions in direction of movement.