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Slow Work – Practice

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Slow Work – Practice

Immediate Practice

20 minutes – Practice slow work with your partner (with protective gear).

  • A good hit is made when:
    • The point of your sword meets your opponent’s body with forward pressure.
    • Strikes a target that would disable or kill with a sharp sword.
    • There is more on striking and valid hits later in this section.
  • You can use a timer and fight in a series of one minute rounds. Use these rounds to take rests or alternate between partners in a larger group.
  • To help you stay slow:
    • Go extremely slow.
    • Breath at the speed of your fencing.
    • Put on slow music.
    • Be curious, not competitive.
  • Remember your priorities in this order:
    • Posture and movement.
    • Keeping good measure.
    • Finding and keeping control of the opponent’s weapon.
    • Striking in tempo.

Ongoing Practice

  • The tools given in this first course are essentially all of the primary tools of Italian Rapier. Through regular practice and exploration you can become a very good fencer.
  • Further courses on Duello.TV offer more information on strategy and tactical training.
  • Slow sparring is an excellent way to learn the flow of combat without the chaos of higher speed fighting, especially at the beginning.
  • Long-term you will need to practice both slow and fast sparring, along with a good drilling regimen, to become an effective sword fighter.
  • Remember to have fun.