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Thrusting in Primo Tempo – Practice

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Thrusting in Primo Tempo – Practice

Immediate Practice

5 minutes – Thrusting from porta di ferro in primo tempo

  • Using only porta di ferro, develop your ability to strike in primo tempo.
  • Start slow. The key to success is not about speed, it’s about starting right as your partner begins to step in.
  • Ensure your partner gives you an honest and committed step forward, and then genuinely attempts to step away when you attack. This will help you develop the best sense of primo tempo.

5 minutes – Thrusting from all four quadrants in primo tempo

  • Practice striking in primo tempo but from each of the four quadrants.
  • Work through the quadrants one by one, then change quadrants with each repetition.
  • Start slow and build speed as you build precision.
  • Have your partner challenge you both by attempting to step away and also by pushing on your sword to make sure you have the three advantages.

Ongoing Practice

  • Timing is everything. Make practicing primo tempo a regular part of your training.
  • You can bring primo tempo into any striking mechanics exercise to further challenge your precision while practicing timing. Making timing a part of exercises makes them more accurate to combat.