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Thrusting through the Angled Sword – Practice

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Thrusting through the Angled Sword – Practice

Immediate Practice

5 minutes – Thrusting through angled forms of posta breve.

  • Have your partner form posta breve with their hands outside their right or left hip with their point angling back toward their centerline.
  • You will thrust in a straight line that crosses over their sword.
  • Practice on one side at a time, against resistence. Then, have your partner alternate between forming an angle to their right and left.

5 minutes – Thrusting through posta finestra sinestra and destraza (left and right).

  • Have your partner form one of the finestra poste with the point angled across their body.
  • Practice gaining their sword and pushing it downward as you enter.
  • Ensure you cross at their mezza spada (middle sword) to avoid having their point easily slip free.
  • Keep your hands low and lift your point to get over top of their weapon. If you lift your hands too high you risk creating an opening under your sword.

Ongoing Practice

  • Add angled positions to your regular thrusting practice.