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Training Environments, Games, Slow Sparring

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Training Environments, Games, Slow Sparring

Immediate Practice

10 minutes – Explore cutting from Posta Longa and then Posta Breve.

  • Practice ribbon cuts from Posta Longa.
    • With the arms extended in posta longa, alternate between mandritto fendente and roverso fendente with the ribbon cut preparation.
    • Start with targeting either side of the head (you can use a target or post as well).
    • Then, work your way down the body striking the shoulders and the thighs.
    • Integrate a passing step or a lunge with each cut. You can also move around your target as you do so.
  • Practice the direct cut from Posta Breve (also called a “spinto”).
    • Turn the hands onto the line of the cut and then strike forward into your target.
    • You can step directly back after striking or slice and then step back.
    • Ensure you’re putting a solid forward pressure into your target by both lunging/passing into the target and by holding the sword firmly in place with the pommel hand.
  • Practice circular (stramazzone) preparations from Posta Longa and Posta Breve.
    • Start in Posta Longa and cut a mandritto fendente, a roverso fendente, a mandritto sottano, and a roverso sottano.
    • Then, change to Posta Breve and cut the same combination. Then return to Posta Longa and repeat.
    • Alternate between targets such as either side of the head or jaw, shoulders, underarms or flanks (particularly with rising cuts) and thighs (with descending cuts).
    • Integrate passing steps, lunges, and offline movement. Ensure you are always extending the sword ahead of your body.