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Volta Stabile at the Blade's Middle (Mezza) – Practice

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Volta Stabile at the Blade’s Middle (Mezza) – Practice

Immediate Practice

5 minutes – 10 low volta stabile on the Inside, 10 low volta stabile on the outside.

  • Start with your partner having the three advantages and crossed mezza spada to mezza spada (at the middle of your swords).
  • Be sure to begin the volta stabile by pushing into their sword while elevating your point (by pushing your pommel down).
  • Keep your steps small and make sure they do not take you closer to your opponent.

5 minutes – 10 volta stabile to finestra on the inside, 10 volta stabile ot finestra on the outside.

  • Focus on getting your forte into your partner’s debole.
  • Have your partner challenge you with both downward resistance and forward resistance (attempting to thrust).
  • Make sure that your point is lifting and pointing toward your opponent’s weapon while you change your leverage position.

Ongoing Practice

  • Like the cavatione, the volta stabile should be part of your weekly practice. It takes strong fingers and forearms to do these actions with nimbleness and that takes lots of repetition to build.
  • You can combine practice of the cavatione with the volta stabile. Have your partner change the depth of their crossing between the points and the mezza spada. You must then select the correct technique based on the crossing.