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Wrist Cuts – Practice

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Wrist Cuts – Practice

Immediate Practice

  • 5 minutes – Maneuvering the shield around the extended arm
    • Extend your sword arm into porta di ferro alta, then join it with your buckler.
    • Practice moving the sword between different extended positions, while moving the buckler over and under the arm to protect the arm on body on both sides.
    • Use the lesson video and a mirror as guidance and feedback while you experiment.
  • 5 minutes – Cutting the wrist cutting pattern
    • 10 reps.
    • If you want a challenge try to cut the pattern with the sword and shield in the opposite hands. It may feel clumsy at the start, but you’ll get it!
    • Ensure that you are
      • maximizing the cover of the shield while accommodating the sword’s path.
      • keeping the arms extended.
      • keeping the hand protected behind the buckler.
      • keeping both wrists in close proximity (you could imagine that you are in handcuffs or have your wrists loosely tied).

Ongoing Practice

  • Make cutting around the shield with shoulder, elbow, and wrist cuts a part of your regular practice.
  • Practice patterns where you alternate between shoulder, elbow and wrist cuts.
  • Practice making wrist cuts in different directions being constantly aware of the shield position.
  • Spend time without a buckler to focus on keeping the arm extended in wrist cuts and also ensuring you are turning your hand over at the appropriate time to avoid wrist strain.